Excellence is a word that is too often used casually. Excellence doesn't happen by accident, it requires a commitment borne of real passion, which can be evidenced by over 20 very successful years in business.

We invite you to see excellence in the variety of videos that we do.

Recap - The Wedding of Lori & Blake
A music recap of the wedding of Lori & Blake, this runs about 12-13 minutes and incorporates sounds of the day at key moments.

Mission of Mercy
This is a five-minute story-telling production that features Mission of Mercy, a dental clinic for indigent people in northern Virginia.

The Arlington Service (Recap) - Mortimer Bernard Doyle
A seven-minute recap of an interment service at Arlington National Cemetery

Mechanical Training - IMF Building
Owner demonstration training at the International Monetary Fund Building in Washington, DC

Recap - Max's Bar Mitzvah
Some highlights from the bar mitzvah service and party of Max Molot, this runs a little over 14 minutes

The Wedding of Amber & Mark - Recap
A four-minute recap set to a song selected by Amber & Mark

Conner's Graduation Celebration
A five-minute slow-motion recap of Conner Cummings' graduation.

Wedding Recap-Alison and Benjamin
A slow-motion music recap that lasts about four minutes